About Colour: Colour Psychology

May 01, 2020 2 min read

A bedroom with neutral furniture and a bright orange wall, with an orange flower as an overlay.

Colour holds immense significance in our lives. Whether it’s a red stop sign, or a dream dominated by blue skies, colour speaks to us in more ways than one. Delve into your psyche by exploring your favourite colours below and the significance behind them. And don’t forget to keep your favourites in mind while you’re choosing the colour for your space. Your colour choices are a reflection of you and have the power to create the right feel and atmosphere in your space.


Orange flowers with a blue sky in the background.


If tangerines and fall foliage make you weak in the knees, you are a bona fide lover of orange. You’re good-natured and determined. You work and play with equal intensity. You tend to be social, friendly, charming and have many friends. As a gregarious and agreeable individual, you have a natural enthusiasm and love adventure. The passion of red and the optimism of yellow combine to appeal to your warm personality.


A red bird in a tree with branches that have frost on them.


If you are drawn to the colour red, you are impulsive, sexy and quick to speak your mind—regardless of the consequences. You like to be well informed and involved, sometimes wishing to be the center of attention. You passionately believe that life is meant to be happy and exciting. Optimistic and stimulating, lovers of red are animated leaders who want to experience the fullness of living.


Two green flower buds that are getting ready to bloom.


If green is your favorite colour, this indicates stability, balance and persistence. Organization is fundamental to your environment. When you start something, you finish it. You tend to be honest, moral and sensitive to social etiquette. Exceptionally intelligent, you understand new ideas and before making decisions, you recognize the importance of having all the details and considering outcomes.


An insect on yellow flowers.


If your favourite colour is yellow, this indicates that you have a yearning for the new and the modern. You look forward to the future. You are intellectual, idealistic, spiritual and highly imaginative. Yellow is the colour of the curious, creative and artistic individual. Yellow is warm and luminous, so people would describe you as “cheerful”—you find the joy in almost every encounter.


Violet coloured tulips in a field.


An admirer of violet, you may believe that you are set apart and unique from others. You enjoy being creative and glamorous—preferring a sense of mystery and intrigue in your life. Highly sensitive and observant, you always look for beautiful surroundings and would prefer a world of fantasy to that of reality. You are highly artistically talented and incorporate creativity at every opportunity.


close up shot of Blueberries.


Clear ocean waters and clear blue skies bring a smile to your face, don’t they? If you prefer the colour blue, you have a basic need for a calm, harmonious and tension-free existence. A peaceful circumstance suits your personality. You are capable, conservative, trusting and strive to be cool and confident. Always a conscientious worker, you have a highly developed sense of responsibility. A gentle and sensitive person, you form strong attachments and relationships.


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