'Green Award' for Harris Paints

June 06, 2015 2 min read

'Green Award' for Harris Paints

Harris Paints, the Caribbean Champion of Colour, has further solidified itself as one of Barbados" leading green companies.

Coinciding with celebrations for World Environment Day, the local coating specialists have received additional accreditation from the Future Centre Trust after the company successfully achieved the highest level of certification in the Green Business Barbados (GBB) Programme.

The accolade now makes Harris Paints one of just two companies in Barbados, and the only paint manufacturer in the eastern Caribbean, to have Tier 5 certification.

In 2012, the Future Centre Trust - a Non-Governmental Organisation and registered charity providing environmental education to the public of Barbados - received funding from the IADB Multilateral Investment Fund to expand and strengthen the GBB with a view of creating a framework that could be easily replicated throughout the Caribbean.

"For their certification, Harris Paints successfully focused on several critical areas including energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives, employee well-being, productivity and waste management, in addition to extensive reuse and recycling. Congratulations are certainly in order for Harris Paints and we remain hopeful that more local businesses will take a leaf out their green book," added Dr. Ariana Marshall, coordinator of the programme at the Future Centre Trust.

Ian Kenyon, Chief Executive Officer of Harris Paints, expressed his delight at the award.

"From the bottom up, Harris Paints has always tried to be an environmentally responsible company. And that speaks to our day-to-day operations of manufacturing and distribution, along with having the highest regards for personal safety and health," he said.

He was speaking on the side-lines of an open house at the company's headquarters in Wildey where the public had an opportunity to see - and learn - first-hand about Harris' green products, sustainability practices on waste reduction, energy conservation, employee wellbeing and productivity.

"Over the years, we have instituted a number of initiatives which have proven beneficial to the company," added Kenyon.

"Things like a dedicated Waste Water Treatment Plant, regular cleaning of our storm drains, along with implementing strict guidelines and procedures for the recycling of solvent in our factory for the cleaning and washing of our tanks. We also continuously invest in product innovations and we are now proud to be the only paint company in the Caribbean with Greenwise certification,"

Kenyon said the award was a fitting tribute to the more than 80 employees of Harris Paints Barbados and would be celebrated with the other 120 employees across the Harris Group. (PR)