Harris Paints Helps Kensington Oval get Battle-Ready!

April 30, 2015 2 min read

Harris Paints Helps Kensington Oval get Battle-Ready!

Harris Paints, the Caribbean Champions of Colour", has partnered with Kensington Oval Management Inc. (KOMI) to help ensure the cricketing mecca of the West Indies remains in tiptop shape.

Tomorrow's keenly anticipated Test against England forms the first stroke of a three year partnership which will see Harris Paints providing ongoing consultation to KOMI that includes site inspection, production estimates, strategy development and recommendation of best-fit solutions, management and coordination of product and material orders, preparation of substrates for longer lasting results, along with providing dedicated management teams on a project-by-project basis.

"As the premier coatings company in Barbados, we were delighted when KOMI approached us to be a partner in the restoration and ongoing maintenance of this award-winning facility. We are certainly proud to be associated with such an important national treasure," said Ian Kenyon, Chief Executive Officer, Harris Paints.

"Harris Paints prides itself on being a solutions-driven company and we are also passionate about our products, services and talents, and we believe Kensington Oval to be the most fitting of venues to showcase this," added Kenyon.

Stephen Lashley, Minister of Sport, Youth and Culture, said the first phase of the partnership is centred on the restoration of the iconic Clock Tower, along with the interior and exterior surfaces of the Garfield Sobers Pavilion and the Coppin, Cozier and Short Media Centre.

As part of the agreement, the Clock Tower will carry the Harris Paints logo and the roof of the Hewitt and Inniss Stand will also bear the company's insignia.

"Since the redevelopment for the 2007 Cricket World Cup, the Oval's infrastructure has held up well but we have noticed there were some areas of degradation, especially the Clock Tower. But this is to be expected for a facility that spans more than twelve acres and is exposed to heavy-duty use," said Lashley.

"We are also hosting a Test match against England and we are expecting close to 10,000 fans and international press per day, so we are especially pleased to officially establish this partnership with

Harris Paints. It is the ideal scenario where the positive synergies that exist between Government and the private sector can be combined for the benefit of all Barbadians and visitors alike,"

Michael Babb, Technical Consultant for Harris Paints, along with Oliver Estwick, Project Manager for KOMI, supervised the recent refurbishment which was completed ahead of the third Test which starts tomorrow.

"While this is an exciting opportunity for Harris Paints and KOMI, we fully understand and appreciate the reality and importance of budget constraints and the organisational process," said Babb.

"As we were covering several different surfaces and textures in a heavy-use environment, we opted to use the premium Ulttima Plus line of paints that include seven different products suitable for a wide variety of substrates. We are very pleased with the results and we look forward to our continued partnership, and of course, a West Indian victory!" (PR)