Harris Paints' Language of Colour speaks to the preservation of architectural heritage

February 01, 2011 2 min read

Harris Paints' Language of Colour speaks to the preservation of architectural heritage

Harris Paints is maintaining its commitment to the preservation of Barbados’ architectural heritage through the continued refurbishment of the Taylor family house located on Wildey Main Road, St. Michael, Barbados. For the last six years, Harris Paints has repainted the traditional chattel house, showcasing their recently launched Ideas Card, as well as highlighting one of its top ten colours selected from a compiled list of the most popular colours produced from around the region.

The Harris Paints Idea Cards form part of the company’s Language of Colours system, where every colour is a combination of different colour characteristics – colour, share and mood, and have been grouped into four mood-inspired collections – Luxurious, Warm, Fresh and Calm – guaranteed to harmonize together. This creates a unique and easy-to-use colour system for customers, taking the hassle out of choosing the right combination of colours. The colours used on the Taylor home were taken from the Luxurious Idea Card, with the main body of the house being painted in Flamingo – one of the top ten colours – and trimmed with Light Opal and Aristocratic.

The house was first primed with Harris’ Grey Glidden Gripper Primer which was tinted to ensure maximum hiding, while the roof, sill and steps have been painted in Terracotta from Harris’ Porch & Patio. Luke Ticknor, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Harris Paints said the work done on the Taylor home over the last six years has gone a long way towards preserving this rich piece of Barbadian architectural heritage, and is proof of the quality of products developed by Harris Paints: “Our relationship with the Taylor family and their home began in 2004 when we worked with the Barbados National Trust on preserving the island’s chattel houses, using products highlighted in our Colour Choices Card.

This year we are using concepts from our Idea Cards and Language of Colour system, developed to make it easier for our customers to choose colour combinations. Simply pick any colour in one of our four mood groups, and be confident all colours in the mood group will go with it perfectly, no matter which colour family.” Matriarch of the Taylor home, Olga Taylor-Jordan, said the relationship with Harris Paints has resulted in the family being able to properly maintain the home they have grown to love: “Harris Paints’ generous assistance over the years has been invaluable to our efforts to maintain a cherished family possession. They have been very forthcoming with supplies of their products allowing us to conduct any remedial work required from year to year, and we wish to thank them publicly and look forward to working with them in the future.” The Taylor home can be identified by Harris Paints signage placed on the surrounding fence. (PR) http://www.barbadosadvocate.com/newsitem.asp?more=business&NewsID=15405