Harris Paints seeking to build on its 40 years

September 21, 2012 3 min read

Harris Paints seeking to build on its 40 years

"We don't sell paint, we sell colour!"

This statement recently made by Chief Executive Officer of Harris Paints Ian Kenyon, sums up jus

“We don’t sell paint, we sell colour!”

This statement recently made by Chief Executive Officer of Harris Paints Ian Kenyon, sums up just how he feels about the company dubbed “The Caribbean Champions of Colour”, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, having started as a small manufacturing operation in Barbados.

Still owned and managed locally, it is now a regional paints manufacturer, promoting quality objectives, built on the five core values of the Harris Group of Companies, inclusive of: High Ethical Standards; Excellent customer service and quality; Development of people and team work; Excellent business efficiency; and the Highest regard for safety, health and the environment.

Kenyon recently told The Barbados Advocate that the 40 year journey has been fraught with many struggles, but in essence, the company’s success to date should send the message to Barbadian entrepreneurs and others across the globe, that perseverance and hard work as well as sticking to your principles, can pay off in the end.

“It can be done” he said of the concept of small businesses rising to make their mark on the local, global and international market.

Kenyon however notes that the company which is known for its innovative products, greening initiatives and loyalty to its 250 employees around the region, will not be sitting on its laurels, but will be seeking to become more creative and innovative as customers demand drives the need to continuously improve.

“We are going to continue to build on what we have been doing for 40 years, supplying premium quality coatings designed for the Caribbean climate and distributed throughout the wider region. We will continue to combine in-house experience and access to global technology platforms, to utilise cutting edge technology. This will enable us to offer a leading and wide ranging portfolio of innovative, top performing products and brands, delivered on time and in full” Kenyon has noted.

“Further to this, we intend to invest in our people. Harris will continue to develop its team and network of trained representatives that are equipped with local knowledge and are uniquely positioned to build relationships, service and support clients’ needs” he added.

Kenyon has also noted that in the future, customers can expect additional product developments that integrate technological advancements to enhance the properties of paint of specialised coatings.

“We are already seeing films that utilise additives such as Teflon and ceramic micro-spheres to create an extra-strong resistant surface, highly suited for us in heavily trafficked areas. There are special roof coatings that absorb energy so well, that they can reduce the temperature in a house by six degrees” he said.

He also noted that not only will paints be able to do more, but consumer demand will drive need for increased convenience.

“There will be more two-in-one product innovations as well as improved application systems that will make painting easier than ever before. Above all, I think industry and technological partnerships will become essential to innovation-oriented companies such as HARRIS, this will be key to access options to deliver these types of additional benefits that broaden paint performance and answer specific customer needs, while providing longer lasting good looks, an objective that Harris has been dedicated to since day one and that will never change,” Kenyon pointed out. (AP)