Tranquil Moment - Inspiring Colour

September 14, 2021 2 min read

Tranquil Moment - Inspiring Colour

Look to the quiet beauty of the world outdoors, and experience being at one with nature in your own home.


Amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking the time to pause and connect with the colours of nature can have a profound effect on our wellbeing. Here, soft earth and foliage tones blend seamlessly with gentle neutrals and natural materials to create environments to calm and reassure.

Gain a little inspiration from nature for paint colours in your home. Learn more in Harris Paints' Inspiring Colour Magazine. Champions of Colour in the Caribbean.

Natural Touches

Ceramic vases of dried flowers and seed heads bring timeless beauty.

Explore vases and plant seed heads as accessories to help bring nature into your space. Learn more tips with Inspiring Colour from Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Calm Tones 

Add interest with beautiful, layered colour and texture.

Layer colour and texture with materials and items to compliment your paint colours. Learn more from Inspiring Colour from Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Come Inside

From bleached and blackened wood to linens and dried grasses, explore natural textures and bring this neutral colour scheme to life.

Rest And Restore 

Create a soothing feature wall with deep brown Mover and Shaker, and trim with Light Lichen and soft Dove White. Enhance this restful mood with casual bedding in neutral linen and wool.

Have a soothing place to rest with accent walls inspired by nature. Discover more from Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Simple Lines

Bring a subtle structured contrast with paint trims in off-black Film Noir and add soft furnishings and accessories with fine monochrome details.

Paint some contrast on paint trims and enhance the space like this bedroom. Discover more in the Inspiring Colour Magazine by Harris Paints and BH Paints in the Caribbean.
Have a tranquil living room with inspiration from Inspiring Colour Magazine by Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Relaxed Dining

Simple and stress free - a matt lacquered wood table and chairs with natural leather and atmospheric walls painted in Light Lichen.

Naturally Refined

Natural doesn’t need to be rugged or rustic. Add some refinement to a nature inspired bathroom with pale wood and bristle brushes, smooth stone and delicate handmade soaps.

Relaxed dining with colours inspired from nature. Read more in the Inspiring Colours Magazine by Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Home Spa

Relaxed warm tones, smoked glass and botanical touches complete a home spa experience. Get the look with wall in soft earth Apple Crisp and pair with Vegetarian, then simply add candlelight and relax.


Fresh Greens

Ideal for sunny spaces, the soft greyed green of Plume Grass has an easy neutral feel. Enhance with warm natural woods and indoor plants. For a fresh monochrome kitchen pair deep green Vegetarian with Dove White.

Gray-green of Plume Grass 0414 is a great nature inspired neutral. Discover more in Inspiring Colour from Harris Paints and BH Paints in the Caribbean.
Vegetarian 0430 makes a bold statement in a kitchen. Read Inspiring Colour from Harris Paints and BH Paints in the Caribbean.

Harris blue man

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the full Inspiring Colour 2021 magazine. You can download the full PDF using this link here.