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Avoid ‘Picture Framing’

May 8, 2019

Get the best results on your project by avoiding costly mistakes that are embarrassing and could cost you money!

‘Picture framing’ is the term we use when there is an uneven painting finish usually between the edge of the room that was ‘cut in’ with a brush and the main wall space. The wall has the appearance of having a darker border.

This effect most commonly results from uneven spread rate.  When the edge of the room is cut in by brush, the paint may be applied more thickly and when the main wall space is ‘rolled’, the paint is spread thinly which results in a discernable difference in colour.  The effect can also be made even more distinct if the border area is left too long to dry before rolling.

The ‘picture frame’ effect can be more pronounced when working with deeper colours.  To correct, work in small sections repainting left to right (or vice versa).  Maintain a wet edge and painting from the wet into the area to be recoated, until covered. Repeat if necessary, until an even finish is achieved.

It is also possible for ‘picture framing’ to result if paint from more than one pail or can is used and there is a variance in colour.  It is best practice to ‘box’ paint (mix paint from separate containers together) to be used on a single wall or a room to achieve the most even colour results.


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