Ulttima Plus Interior / Exterior Satin Oil Enamel

  • A premium quality, mid-sheen modified alkyd oil paint that is ideally suited for use on wood and metal where a low gloss finish is preferred but an easy-to-clean, stain-resistant finish is required. Some ideal areas of application are high-traffic or high-contact areas such as cabinetry, kitchen furniture, frequently used doors, jambs and trims. By using Zero-VOC colourants and specialised solvents, it has lower odour than typical oil paints. Ulttima Plus Satin Oil Enamel offers pure colours with excellent fade resistance, longer term protection from fungus and mold, and superior coverage requiring less coats of paint. It is available in Bright White or can be tinted to almost any colour.

    • ColourLast TechnologyTM Specially formulated to withstand the harsh rays of the Caribbean
    • MildewGuard TechnologyTM Slow release mildew agents stay on film for a longer period of time
    • CoverFast TechnologyTM Requires less coats to reach full coverage
    • Excellent levelling Paint levels to a smooth finish
    • Low odour Special solvents and colourants produces less odour than typical oil paints
    • Durable Finish Very durable, tough finish
    • Lustrous Finish Luxurious, satin finish